Sexy accessories can make or take your outfit to new heights! Storm the skies with some of our stunning Steampunk accoutrement or plumb the deeper desires with mysterious face lace.


Precocious Purses and Bold Bags

You deserve a matching purse or bag to go with your new stunning corset. The wonderful collections of handbags and pocketbooks have eye-catching designs and themes:

  • Steampunk carryalls,
  • Rockabilly and Pin-Up style purses,
  • Gothic pouches
  • Vintage-era wallets and clutches

Whether you only need a little wallet for your ID and killer-red lipstick or a bag to carry overnight supplies, you’ll look fabulous with these totes on your arm. Many of these precocious purses and bold bags have matching heels or boots at The Violet Vixen—for a total and amazing outfit!

Quality Corset Liners

Want to add comfort and decrease the wear-and-tear on your new seductive corset? Try a corset liner: thin tube tops to wear under a corset to help keep body salts from staining your new bustier and that also help keep the twins covered. Red, black or cream corset liners are an inexpensive way to increase your comfort—you’re less likely to pinch your skin wearing one of these garments when tightly cinched up.

Eye-Catching Parasols

No burlesque routine is complete without a parasol to twirl and tempt! These attractive umbrellas come in a variety of styles to bewitch and beguile:

  • Steampunk
  • Goth-inspired
  • Pin-Up Girl and Rockabilly

Flirty and fun or devilish and dark, these pleasing parasols will help complete your costume for the stage, convention or the bedroom! How about a little cosplay fun? Face Lace Masks

Intricate face appliques and exquisite eye designs will have all the peepers on you! These detailed face lace masks will give you a spellbinding look of Hollywood makeup artists—in just minutes! Face lace masks come in black, white, gold and purple. The eye lace comes in black. When properly cared for, they can be worn more than once.

Face lace is a perfect addition to your sexy Halloween costume, mysterious Burlesque routine, gorgeous Goth outfit, dark vampy guise or seductive boudoir ensemble. When do you want to add mystery and a touch of the exotic to your look?

Cute Ruffled Panties

Flirty flounces to give you a night of frills! These cute ruffled panties come in a range of sizes—because all sassy vixens deserve a bit of frolicking fun! These ruched pretties come in black, green, pink, purple, fuchsia and red.