Astound yourself and others with a sexy overbust corset—the extra support under your bust can give you amazing cleavage! With bustiers this awesome, you’ll be looking for parties, festivals, cons and events to show off your curvalicious shape.


Awesome Authentic Steel Boned Overbust Corsets

These captivating corsets come with spiral and flat steel boning for superb support. Sturdy lacing and strong cording will cinch your middle into a classic silhouette. With curves this fabulous, an hourglass would gush sand with jealousy—if it had eyes…or a mouth.

Amazing Styles and Tons of Overbust Corset Colors

With so many styles, patterns and colors to choose from—a vixen just might need more holidays and parties in her life! Here’s just a few of the colors available: black, white, ruby red, brown, violet, cotton candy pink, amethyst purple, hunter green, cream, silver and gold. Some bustiers come in solid colors and others have polka dots, floral prints, pinstripes and patterns with skulls or nautical themes.

Some bodices are more simply styled while others have bows, ruffles, leather, straps, metal clasps and chains, lace or embroidery to knock their socks off.

Steampunk, Gothic, Burlesque, Victorian or Renaissance Overbust Corsets

Whether you’re looking for an edgy corset for a Gothic Halloween costume or a gearbedazzled bustier for your next Steampunk convention, The Violet Vixen can get you cinched up and looking bold and sassy!

Beads and glamour give Burlesque overbust corsets fabulous showstopping power when you strut the stage—don’t forget the parasol! Lacy Victorian bodices and leather Renaissance pieces will have you confident wherever your carriage takes you.