Pin-Up Baby Doll

Cuter-than-sin, these adorable Pin-Up Babydoll Corsets will have you looking photo-shoot sexy or ready-to-pop-out-of-a-cake spectacular. You’ll be so sweet that you could adorn a confectionary—talk about icing on the cake! Whose pastry will you be topping?


Cute Pin-Up Babydoll Corset Styles

These charming pieces will bring to the forefront those curves that you do want featured! A variety of colors to tease and taunt: black, red, sky blue, silver, cream, pink, hot pink, white, purple and green.

Add some curls to your hairstyle, pop on some Mary Janes and slip into Babydoll corset with bows, ruffles, lace or satin ribbon edging to bounce your way onto the lollipop boat of your choice! Not feeling the solid-colored fabrics? What about some pretty polka dots, naughty nautical-themed fabric or some tie-dyed material to help you set sail on your evening of flirtation and seduction?

Sexy Pin-Up Babydoll Corset Costumes

Dress up to bring down the house with these sexy Pin-Up corset styles. Create a rockabilly or pinup ensemble. Be a 1940s vixen—with a classic sweetheart neckline to accentuate your bust—just add some war-era victory rolls, seamed hose (or some eyeliner down the back of your leg) and some peep-toe pumps with a bow. All the soldiers will be looking to fill your dance card!

One of these delectable underbust or overbust corsets paired with cupcake high heels, a frilly parasol and a pair of ruffled panties would make a captivating Burlesque outfit—perfect for the stage or the boudoir!

Pin-Up Babydoll Corset Construction

Sublimely ravishing comes with superb construction at The Violet Vixen. The Pin-Up Babydoll corsets squeeze in all the right places, and give the girls the lift and attention they deserve.

All our Authentic Corsets feature steel boning to shape and accentuate your assets. A tight-laced corset gives a curvaceous shape while shrinking your waist and supporting your bust. Strong cording and strong ribbon lacing will cinch you tight all night long—or as long as you wear these stunning outfits ;)

Chic Pin-Up Babydoll Clothing

Different Pin-Up Babydoll clothing is featured periodically. Our corset dress combination gives you fabulous support in a cute dress—all in one amazing outfit! An adorable corset top will look great with a pair of jeans for a casual night out in the city.