Lace ‘em up or tie them down, these boots—we are talking about boots, right?—will stomp any misconceptions about you, little miss vixen, that the uninformed might have.


Sexy Boots

These boots will take you places! Increase your star power with stunning heeled additions to your outfits. These knee-high boots look great with a pair of skinny jeans and cute top. You can dress up or down an outfit with these high-stepping boots. Not the boots grandma wore, these pieces will make you feel like seduction-on-heels.

So many stylish decisions to make: Do you want buckles, lace, ribbons, floral cutouts with open toes to show off your luscious pedicure, or skull details? Would you like patent leather boots? Nothing like a well-heeled femme fatale to turn heads. Do you prefer stiletto, wedge heels, platform or chunky heels? So many boots, so little time.

Stunning Steampunk Boots

“No Steampunk costume is complete without appropriate footwear,” so sayeth Ms. Prim-and-Pretty from the Girls School of Adventure and Mechanized Exploration.

Follow Ms. Prim-and-Pretty’s advice and grab the nearest steam-powered carriage to the aethernet and procure a pair of delicious brown boots with Steampunk flair: gearworks, antiqued metal accents, buckles or straps. Matched with a Steampunk Corset and flounced skirt from The Violet Vixen, these boots will make you a paragon of Victorian temptation at the next con or previewing of the latest compendium of arcane knowledge.

The Darker Side of Black Knee Boots

As if all these varieties of black knee boots weren’t devilish enough, now they have more additions to make them perfect for a Goth night out or a seductive Halloween costume. Red and black boots demand attention—and those from The Violet Vixen get it. Laced up to the knee with eye-catching details, these boots will crush hearts. A black bustier and a some ruffled panties will give these boots the complementary pieces they deserve!

These boots lace or tie all the way—to your knees. You’ll feel statuesque and powerful wearing bold boots such as these. Warning: not for the faint of heart. These boots will bring out your moxie and sass. So take them out for a stellar night on the town, or stay in for an unforgettable night.