Be a burlesque beauty, and put some sass and style into your routine. Explore your creativity in fun fashions! Early Burlesque started at the tail-end of the Victorian era (corny humor was a part of it!) It poked fun at the established norms. Take a page from today's neo-burlesque movement, and embrace the empowering body-positive fun!


Dare to Dance—Burlesque Corsets

If 90 percent of success is showing up, then arriving with an authentic corset glamorously beaded  with matching boots, skirt and ruffled panty will have you in the winner’s circle. Our waist-slimming corsets will give you confident curves. Strong cord or ribbon lacing will allow for some adjustment for those big numbers—when you really need deep breaths for a show-stopping song or an energetic video.

Thinking about some cabaret dancing? You’ll high-kick your way into everyone’s heart with our amazing selection of boots. With laces, bows and buckles galore, the knee-high boots will have you flouncing and stepping-out in style.

Cheeky Costumes from The Violet Vixen

Design your own costume with a wide selection of materials and styles, such as strapless numbers with sequins, lace, leather, zippers, bows, frills or ruffles. Check out our diverse selection of corset colors and prints: red, purple, silver, gold, cream, pink, blue, green, black, and white along with floral patterns, hearts, animal prints, polka dots and cherry pop patterns!

Our body-positive lingerie comes in a range of sizes from a 22-inch waist bodice to plus-size bustiers. No matter what your size is, you’ll feel divine in an overbust or underbust corset!

Visionary Attitude in a Burlesque Corset

Do you have a sassy, impertinent attitude? Or one-line zingers that are dying to bust out? Add pizazz to your bawdy delivery. And who says it has to be in front of a room full of strangers? Entertain just your sweetheart—or yourself! But have fun. So sayeth The Violet Vixen.

In the beginning, burlesque was an enticing way for performers to challenge the status quo. Some of today’s big names express feminist and diversity values in a fun and surprising way. And with all the sensational cleavage that a great-fitting corset provides, everyone will be paying attention to you!