Sexy corset dresses, tight-fitting tops and kick-ass skirts will dress you up and give you a reason to wear those cute stilettos you bought last weekend! One can not live in corsets alone—or at least not all the time ;) Enjoy our other clothing items in a fun selection of fabrics and patterns: lace, leather, velvet, brocade, floral, cherry pop, polka-dot, steampunk, skulls and more!



Frolic in fabulous halterneck dresses with a retro-feel. Cocktail dresses and flirty florals are perfect for picnics or a light-hearted Sunday afternoon. Popsicle anyone? Toss some cherry-red lipstick in your clutch, and you're ready for some merriment-making. If swing-dancing is your thing, you'll love having a twirl in one of these beautiful midi-length frocks. Dress up or dress down with one of our matched-fabric accessories: parasols, purses or pumps.


Victorian-era lace skirts and sepia-toned dresses will have you ready for the next steamboat excursion to the new world! Or throw your spyglass in your reticule, pair a fashionable coffee-colored skirt with one of our fabulous bustiers and lace up in some high-stepping boots to feel ravishing. Frills and fun await—visit our Steampunk emporium of style and fashion and you’ll be ready for your next festival or tea with the Queen.


Want to accentuate your curves with one simple outfit? Try one of our fun corset dresses—with dots for a vintage look. Or if you want something a little more dangerous, try some black lace. The corset boning will give you sexy curves—and lift the twins perfectly—while adding some shazam to your figure. Who needs shoes when no one will be looking at your feet ;)


Our corset tops provide amazing waist-cinching boning to showcase your curves, but provide a more demure setting for your top assets. Whether you're looking for Rockabilly flair or a Friday fun top, check out our cute shirts.

The skirts at The Violet Vixen work great with our corsets and corset tops. From vampy short vixen skirts to long velvet steampunk skirts, our skirts will remind you to relish your feminine curves! Check out our line of sexy shoes to help you show off those gams!