Coats and Jackets

No need to wear your heart on your sleeve with fabulous faux leather accents and metal embellishments decorating your arm! (Of course, a Victorian lovely is always a welcome arm addition ;)


Captain the Skies—Coats

Single breast overcoats give a more formal look for more elegant affairs—(but next time ask if they’re married!) Hand embroidery adds a majestic touch to an already fine garment. Zip pockets and chains create an air of competence. Perfect for a captain of cosplay or an astute doctor of science.

Wear these Steampunk-styled coats with a matching pair of trousers from The Violet Vixen for a handsome look. These superb coats are tailored to give a classically masculine look. Men in uniform—need we say more?

Journey to Adventure—Jackets

Do you know the most important difference between a coat and a jacket? A jacket doesn’t cover up your cute ass—et! For a fetching look, (don’t even talk about rolling over and playing dead!) wear a stunning Steampunk jacket with a pair of fitted breeches, lace up boots and goggles for a sensational outfit.

Be ready for the next mechanized expedition. Join up with some air pirates for a night of skulduggery and devilish antics. Look as if you could hold your own in a bout of fisticuffs. Polish your speaking tube, and share your latest ironworks invention with a damsel in a fabulous Victorian-era dress. Just be sure to take on these adventures in style!

Stylish Steampunk Clothing

Dress to kill by creating a complete outfit by shopping our other fine Men’s Steampunk clothing categories:

  • men's corsets (these gorgeous garments give you a sleek masculine shape)
  • shirts with gorgeous detailing for a steamtacular look!
  • trousers (you could go sans breeches—but make sure you know who’s in charge of the dungeon ;)
  • waist coats (looks like a vest, feels like victory!)

Dress for triumph with brilliant coats and jacket from The Violet Vixen.