Corset Collections

Our collections deliver gorgeous corset outfits that create a fabulous look. With a stunning bustier in every selection, our ensembles are sure to give you a curvalicious shape with remarkable style!


On Sale

Buying a collection instead of each item individually from The Violet Vixen will save you money! Affordable outfits, now even more so! The price might be reduced, but the same high quality you’ve come to expect from our Authentic Corset line still shines through.

Fabulous Costumes

Looking for the perfect sexy Halloween costume? Need a sexy Steampunk ensemble for a convention? Hoping to say Hello to a special someone in a memorable way? Corset collections come with a beguiling bustier along with other fabulous clothing items. Usually some striking boots strut their way into the collections—because who can ignore such sexiness when it comes laced and wearing come-find-me heels?

Dress for a night of seduction success with one of these captivating ensembles. Themed outfits can be just the ticket: black lace corset with stilettos for a hauntingly sexy frolic, twirling parasols, charming bustiers and ruffled panties for an unforgettable Burlesque routine, or a rocking corset dress with laced-to-the-knee boots for a memorable party.

New and Changing Collections

These collections won’t be here forever, so when one of these sexy combinations strikes your fancy—Don’t dally Miss Nancy! Order one of these glamourous selections today, and you’ll be sitting pretty for your next photo-shoot, for your next royal appearance before an audience of peasants or perhaps for your swing on stage. If you don’t see a just-gotta-have-it outfit today, check back with us—our collections do change!

Red, black, brown, green—bookmark the page if you don’t see your favorite color this time around.