Corset Dresses

Flaunt your fabulous curves in one amazing outfit—a dress with a corset built in! The Violet Vixen offers delightful corset dresses to wow and tantalize: sensuous contours with enticing bodices you’ll want to wear—everywhere!


Short and Spunky Corset Dresses

Flirty and fun, these shorter corset dresses say “I’m cute as a button!” Polka dots give a vintage flair. Put your hair in a liberty roll, pop on some heels and gloss some red on those pouty lips—you’ll jitterbug your way to all the soldiers’ hearts. Shorter skirts means you can show more of your gams! Want to wear your corset dress out—even when it’s cold? or you need to cover a bit more skin? A black lace ensemble looks perfect with a pair of black leggings or a matching ruffled petticoat. Great for a Goth night out or perhaps a more mysterious Victorian nightwalker costume.

Long and Elegant Corset Outfits

Dress up in one of our longer fitted outfits for an elegant evening. These still have the gorgeous slimming bodice but will also elongate your figure. Longer skirts are a great excuse to get those matching high heels!

Corset Outfits for Costumes

These dazzling pieces work great for everyday parties, but with a little imagination they can add some spice and fun to your Halloween Vampire outfit, stunning Goth garment or flirty 40s frock. A black lace corset dress with a velvet cape and frightening fangs will have the innocents enthralled by your sexy vampishness. Twirl in one of the dotted dresses, and it won’t be just the “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” who wants to catch your eye.

Classy Corset Dress Features

Spiral steel boning gives a graceful lift to the twins, along with some splendid shaping to your tummy and sides. Corset boning and tight lacing provide a figure-slimming hourglass silhouette.

Many of these corset outfits are either cotton or cotton-lined, keeping you cool and comfortable. For a more modest look, try a style that comes with a detachable shoulder jacket.

A more classic and clean look—but certainly still splendid—the corset dresses from The Violet Vixen will add some charm and gracefulness to your attire.