Turn heads in one of our eye-catching dresses—stripes and browns for a dame with zest for Steampunk style, a Gothic black lace corset dress for a gal in touch with her darker side or a flirty halterneck dress for vixens wanting a little afternoon fun.


Steampunk Dresses that Delight

Beautiful Steampunk Victorian style dresses show off your shapely curves in a splendid mix of fabrics and patterns: kraken-inspired material that will having pirates jumping ship to stay on your shore and wickedly fun brown- and black-striped patterns with copper screws to delight those from other lands or time continuums. Pair one of these dresses with some stylish come-over-and-see-me-sometime stilettos for a sexy bold outfit.

Stunning Steampunk Outfits

Victorian-era lace fabric and sepia-toned dresses will have you ready for the next dirigible ride around the Thames! Or throw your tinkerer’s tools into your reticule and lace up some high-stepping boots to feel ready to kick some evil automaton’s metal butt! Frolicsome fun awaits! Visit our Steampunk emporium of style and fashion to prepare for your next tea with the Queen or Saturday steamboat outing.

Fabulously Flirty and Fun Dresses

Not just for Rockabilly concerts or 40s style dances, these cuter-than-sin dresses will put a sparkle in your soon-to-be-date’s eye! Feel like a glamourous Hollywood actress with these gorgeous patterns and figure-loving styles.

Peruse fun floral patterns, dazzling polka-dots and captivatingly campy designs. Perfect for a cute Halloween outfit or themed celebration. You’ll feel like throwing your own party when wearing one of these lovely frocks.

Dress to Dazzle

Draw attention to your legs by adding some pretty pumps to go with your dress. Feel fabulously feminine while strutting your cute self down the sidewalk. Sashay those hips girls! Or perhaps twirl your parasol while wrapping your beau around your perfectly manicured little finger. Who needs a reason to dress up with these cute outfits? Have a fabulous Friday in a Frock or make your Monday memorable in a curve-loving dress from The Violet Vixen.

Nothing draws attention like a dame in a dress!