Gold Corsets

What does the 1849 California Gold Rush and The Violet Vixen’s gold corsets have in common? Why the power to have men come running in search of treasure, of course! With fabulous curves like these, you might need the security on par with a bullion depository to keep your fans away.


Gold Overbust Corsets

The rich tones in these beautiful gold brocade bodices add beauty and poshness to any outfit. Golden metal clasps and busks provide lavish luxuriance. Feel like royalty in a gorgeous gold corset. These stunning corsets don’t come with a crown—but maybe they should!

Wear a gold overbust corset to accentuate your neckline and shoulders, to boost your bust and to highlight a classic hourglass shape. King Midas himself would be jealous of all the attention these garments will attract!

Stunning Construction of Gold Corsets

All our Authentic corsets come with high-quality steel-boning. Spiral steel boning has flex and bend, while flat steel boning provides strength and smoothing power. This level of quality works well for those wanting serious waist training or who are plus sized and want to significantly alter their shape. Strong cording and robust ribbon lacing give waist-cinching strength to these beautiful garments.

Some of the fabulous construction components include satin shell, poly brocade shell, cotton lining, lace, ruffles, zippers, metal clasps and buckles. Many of these gold corsets have front busk openings making the bustiers easier to put on—not to mention faster removal (although leaving one on can be just as fun!)

Gold Corsets for Costumes that Are On-The-Money

What royal personage at a Renaissance faire wouldn’t look sumptuous and scrumptious in a slimming glorious gold corset?

Looking for an opulent costume for your Burlesque routine? How about a striking gold corset with a parasol? You’ll be twirling more than just an umbrella by the time you’re strutting off the stage!

Stoke your boilers: The gold Steampunk corsets with a steampunk skirt from the Violet Vixen will heat up the sexual energy of your next scientific inquiry.

Perhaps you’re more of glamorous showgirl at heart? Pair these brilliant corsets with ruffled panties and sexy heels for a posh and seductive look.