You’re a creature of the night, and you like to prowl in the mist in your Gothic clothing. Maybe you’re even only happy when it rains. But that won’t stop you from being the best vampy vixen you can be, and pieces from The Violet Vixen Gothic Collection will bring a smile to your darkly hued lips. Whether you’re painting the town blood red or watching a marathon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you’ll look as sharp as your pal Vlad’s fangs in this collection.


Does Leather and Lace define your Goth Clothing?

Before you slink out into the underworld, be sure to lace up with an under, or over bust corset style. Meeting up with Drac himself or just one of his minions? Then opt for a corset with a cross in its design. Just heading over to a friendly Goth gathering? The laced heart corset may be just the thing. Maybe you just need to replenish your skull staples or need something special for a Day of the Dead celebration. Check out our Goth leggings, shirts, shoes, dresses, parasols sporting spunky skulls, or steel boned Gothic corsets.

Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde Gothic Fashion?

Wondering what to wear on that blind date with that friend of a friend your bestie fixed you up with? You don’t know what type of date you’ll be up against so you want to exude both confidence and femininity. A skull purse with a lace-covered corset dress may be just what the doctor ordered. Round out the look with a pair of Gothic boots. Try a cuffed boot or a pair of sexy high-heel ones and he’ll be sure to pick up the tab.

Masque of the Red…Corset

You love Gothic fashion but you want a splash of color. Nothing goes better with black than red, and we’ve got everything you need for your next masquerade ball or night out painting the town, well, red. Looking for Oscar-worthy elegance? Try an ankle-length shaper corset dress with a pair of glamorous heels. Want something fab to wear to see The Cure when they tour this summer? Slip into a black and red corset with a deep V-neck in the front and back. Robert Smith will be glad you did.