Whether you want to make a bold statement or just like the sensuous feel of leather, our corset tops can help you achieve your fashion goals—with stunning style! Real, or faux, leather corset tops with brown or black bodices always make a strong statement—in any setting.


Luxurious Leather Underbust Corsets

Indulge in a high quality leather underbust corset—heavy duty materials create a sturdy garment that will keep you tightly cinched with a beautiful silhouette. Strong cording and rugged lacing paired with flat and spiral steel boning give you serious waist-cinching power for a curvalicious shape.

Some bustiers have shorter measurements—great for gals with shorter torsos. These underbust corsets also allow a greater range of movement (since they end below your bust), perfect for the vixen who battles evil villains or gustily sings all the tavern songs.

Leather Corsets for Knock-Em-Dead Renaissance, Steampunk or Goth Costumes

Nothing screams authenticity in a Renaissance forest like a brown leather bustier on a sassy lass! Laces and leather are the perfect start to a kissable wench outfit or a gentlewoman’s attire. Capture your royal’s heart with tightly laced curves and a charming smile!

These gorgeous corsets come with exquisite detailing: gears and antiqued metal clasps for Steampunk style, crosses and black leather for a Gothic look or buckles with simply fabulous lacing for a ravishing Renaissance costume.

Pair these waist-cinchers with flouncy skirts and high-heeled steppers for a flirty Steampunk look. Or match the corset with leather breeches and tall lace up boots for a kick-ass heroine style—perfect for feeling fearless and bold.