Short, medium or longer torso? We’ve got you covered—beautifully! Many of our corset styles are perfect for the vixen with a taller frame. These long-lined bustiers will hug the length of your sassy curves!


Lovely Long-lined Waist Shapers

These sexy waist cinchers will highlight your slimming silhouette from bust to hips—with an amazing look. From lace to leather, you’ll find a waist shaper that is just your style!

Spiral and flat steel boning give the classic hourglass shape to every figure. Rebellious ruffles, spectacular stripes, magnificent metal busks, alluring lace and sumptuous satin give eye-catching details to these delectable numbers. Sweetheart necklines showcase your top assets :) And the longer lines give a hip-loving shape to your figure.

Many of our corsets have longer front styles of 15″ to 18″ inch or longer lengths—ideal for thin, tall gals with longer torsos. Of course, it’s important to take your measurements correctly and make sure you understand bust-to-bottom length and back length.

Beautiful Bustiers for Longer Torsos: Steampunk, Burlesque, Renaissance and more!

Affordable custom corsets will have you dolled up and ready for your next adventure! Looking for a longer pin-striped bodice for your next steampunk convention? Perhaps a bodacious burlesque underbust corset with high-stepping boots and a parasol for your stage debut? What about a sexy leather renaissance overlay for your peasant blouse and frilly skirt? The Violet Vixen has an amazing array of longer corset styles to showcase your spunk and give you a confident look.

And don’t forget about those evenings when you don’t leave the boudoir…a cute strapless overbust corset with tight lacing will bring the glamour to your taller curves!