Mens Corsets

Clad in one of these corsets for men, you’ll be a prince among the crowd! Nothing catches the eye like a broad-shouldered man with a narrow waist and hips. We have pants, waistcoats and overcoats to complete the style, and of course hundreds of amazing options for the lady :)


Sexy Steampunk & More

Gothic- and Steampunk-inspired corsets will make your next costume stunning—Red crosses and chain detailing scream vampire or dark goth night out, brown or black corsets fit for the aether will have you dirigible-high in Steampunk flair, or pair an exquisite brown corset with some leather breeches for a rakishly handsome Renaissance outfit.

Strong Construction

All our authentic corsets are constructed of high-quality durable materials. Suitable for those interested in altering their shape or wanting a long-lasting garment. Steel boning flatters the male figure while giving support with a trim clean line. Strong cord or strong ribbon lacing and durable grommets (unless otherwise noted) will keep you cinched tight.

And of course, The Violet Vixen’s men’s corsets come with gear: zippers, chains, side strap accents, antiqued buttons and clasps, buckles, snaps, pockets and faux leather accents.

What Adventure Will Your Men’s Corset Be Privy To?

Striking outfits deserve to be seen. Dapper duds need to be appreciated. Do you have a mechanized jaunt in your future? Don’t just stay secluded in your laboratorium, grab your goggles and spyglass for adventures in a sexy costume that will draw the eyes of those lucky enough to have that feast!

You’ll look so dangerous that cutpurses will look twice before trying to take a pence off you. Strap on a tactical corset and prepare for fisticuffs or a don a captain’s corset with a pocket for your flask. Speaking tubes will be abuzz with babble about a scandal in the making.

Looking this dashing, the rogue in you will have a rakishly good time. Just remember to never leave a dame in the dress—I mean distress! (Note: if the dame wants to stay in her dress, you— being a decent fellow, even if a bit rakish—will of course abide by those wishes! We want to keep things fun and consensual.) Be a prince in one of The Violet Vixen’s awesome men’s corsets.

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