Watch-out, thief! You’ll be stealing hearts with these roguishly fine outfits!


Manly Men’s Corsets

Shapewear and girdles aren’t just for ladies. Men can appreciate a garment that flatters and enhances their shape—with dashing design and strong comfort. Check out our amazing styles in faux leather with Steampunk and Gothic inspiration. Male corsets are definitely coming back in fashion: great for the back, cinching the waist and looking hot.

Your masculine shape will be accentuated in one of these raffish (as in unconventional in an attractive manner with a hint of scandal :) men’s corsets from The Violet Vixen. Not your typical corset, these stylish affairs come with a variety of Steampunk and Goth flair: chains, side straps, zippers and antiqued brass accents—all served up with strong spiral and flat steel bones along with strong cord or strong ribbon lacing and durable grommets (unless otherwise noted) to provide a classic manly shape.

Sexy Shirts for Mischievous Men

Be studly at your next Halloween party, Steampunk expedition extraordinaire or Gothic bash—don one of these magnificent shirts and show off those broad shoulders! Or try one of the more fitted shirts to layer under one of our corsets, waistcoats or as a singleton with our eye-catching trousers.

You might need more than one for a true Steampunk extravaganza of a weekend! Whether you are a Victorian lord, aether scientist, dapper detective or a rogue of the highest order, you’ll want a daring costume to match your adventurous spirit.

Tempting Trousers

Is there anything sexier than broad shoulders, narrow waist and fitted trousers on a man? No cosplay outfit would be complete without these fierce pants. Be prepared for lingering looks and double-takes when going out in these duds!

These trousers lend themselves to all sorts of dangerous pairings and costume options.

Diabolically Handsome Waistcoats

These waist-slimming garments come in bold styles with captivating additions such as gearworks embroidery and faux leather, stripes, metal snaps or stud accents. Look fearless in these trim waistcoats.

Cunning Coats and Jackets

Whether you’re lord of the skies in a captain’s jacket or master of your domain in an overcoat—these dashing coats and jackets are perfect for your next dirigible ride over the Thames or investigation of evil automaton attacks. Or perhaps just a night in with your Victorian Vixen!