Walk on the sunny side of life with these gorgeous fashion parasols! Perfect for keeping the sun off and for—twirling! Sensational sunshades will complete your look.


Steampunk Parasol—A Must-Have for Any Adventurer

There are many reasons that Victorian ladies might carry a parasol:

  • Protection. Perfect for parrying a sword attack or jabbing a ruffian in the…a-hem…nethers.
  • Shade. A stylish way to avoid the sun and keep your skin looking younger, longer.
  • Seduction. Who can resist the twirl of a sunshade and a flirtatious giggle?
  • Success. What better way to conceal a kiss in public than to lower an opened parasol?

What reasons do you have for owning a parasol?

Sunshades for Casting Your Spell

Some fashion parasols have matching shoes and corsets—for amazingly put-together outfits! Occasionally we have parasols on sale in our current collections category.

Burlesque dancers—or anyone on stage—will enjoy having a parasol to twirl and tantalize audiences. Admirers will wonder what is going on behind the sunshade. Fans will flock to find out!

Fun designs to bewitch: red cherry pop patterns, blue mermaid material (note: no mermaids were harmed in the making of these fashion accessories), crazy Kraken fun and hot hearts.

Our parasols (note: these are different than our umbrellas) are made of fashionable designs on non-oiled paper (so they are not suitable for rain) and have a wooden handle. But they are most suitable for sun and frolicking! Or low lights and boudoir fun. Or hot stage lights and the catwalk. Many would be a delightful edition to your new corset outfit.

Where will you be taking your parasol?

Skull Tote

No, no toting skulls! But gloom and doom umbrellas are perfect for when the weather is foul. Keep your dark eyeliner safe from the raindrops with a black umbrella with a fun pattern. If you’re Goth, you might avoid the bright sunny days, but foggy drizzly nights might just be ideal for adventuring out. Of course, some high heels or platform knee-high boots will help keep your feet out of the puddles, too.