Pink Corsets

Who says you can't be naughty and nice at the same time? Get a gorgeous pink corset from The Violent Vixen to show off not only your femininity, but also your sexiness and sass! There is a wide range of corsetry to choose from, all priced very reasonably when you consider the high quality of the garments and the love and attention that has gone into designing them. The detail is simply stunning, and many of the corsets are finished off with bows and ribbons that really give them the wow factor.

Give your lover a treat and something that they are not expecting —show off your curves in one of the gorgeous corset tops—they will be at a loss for words. The corsets are girlie, but sexy and strong—perfect at home in your boudoir, at a costume party or even on a night out if you are ready to show off your wild side.


Pink Overbust Corsets

These pretty pink overbust corsets are so sweet that they give Willy Wonka a run for his money. Sweetheart necklines for bust accentuation, bows, ruffles, lace and fantastic embroidery will show off your feminine curves. Pile the mattresses high—You’ll feel as spellbinding as a fairy tale princess.

Pink Underbust Corsets and Waist-Trainers

Feel pretty in a pink underbust corset. Our waist-reducing corsets come with steel boning to hold your shape—especially for those interested in waist-training or who are plus sized but want to seriously alter their silhouette. Strong cording provides tight-lacing to give you the classic hourglass shape. Your assets will beguile in a seductive pink number.

Perfect-in-Pink: Costumes and Special Occasions

Capture the eye of your knight errant in a divine fairy costume—a pink bustier and some attached wings will have all the sprites flying to your flower! Or perhaps you’ll transform into a sexy ballerina this Halloween. Dazzle the audience with a sequined pink corset top and tutu.

A pink burlesque corset will add a precocious touch when strutting the dance stage. Or strut the boudoir in a pink corset top with some matching stilettos from The Violet Vixen—share your moxie with your special someone.