Plus Size Corsets

The Violet Vixen wants all her vixens to look fabulous, and our new authentic corset line comes in 12 different sizes—up to a 45-inch natural waist—with full steel boning for a gorgeous classic silhouette. We also offer some great plus size waist-training, underbust, and overbust corsets. If you are curious about the right size, we have a great sizing guide and a free corset size consultation service.


Plus Size Underbust Corsets

Feel fabulous in one of our underbust corsets. These corsets lets the twins remain free while providing curvalicious support to your middle. Loosen the laces a bit and wear a blouse underneath for a striking look with more coverage.

Styles include more basic corsets with fewer bells and whistles (note: to date, none of our corsets have attached whistles or tinkling bells—although they have been known to ring a special someone’s bell a time or two ;) that come in a variety of colors: black, blue, fuchsia, red, violet, white and pink.

More elaborate styles sport embroidery, crosses, buckles, straps, metal clasps, matching shoulder jackets, clockwork designs, metal detailing, chains, hearts and skulls, in a variety of gorgeous colors.

Plus Size Waist-Training Corsets

All our authentic corsets are steel boned and will definitely cinch in your waist several inches, but these plus size waist-training corsets are specifically designed for more heavy-duty waist training.

Flat steel bones flatten and spiral steel bones flex and bend with your sides; together you have serious control and support to last as long as you need it. Durable construction provides confidence that you can count on this corset to do its job: strong cording and robust ribbon lacing with metal grommets (unless otherwise noted). All this, while looking fabulous with a classic hourglass shape!

Plus Size Overbust Corsets

Here’s where the oodles of style really shine! What are you looking for in your plus size overbust corset? (Yep, your bust is covered with these gorgeous bodices.) What’s your favorite color? How about a purple, green, brown, black, red, silver, blue, fuchsia, white, violet, pink (candy pink, hot pink) or gold corset from the Violet Vixen? Or perhaps you’re looking for polka dot, floral, sequined, beaded, Gothic-inspired designs or lace?

Plus Size Corsets for Killer Costumes With so many amazing styles to choose from, it’s easy to create a striking costume with one of our plus size corsets: Be a Halloween hottie, seductive Steampunk Vixen, gorgeous Goth, voluptuous Vampire, bodacious Burlesque dancer or simply a tantalizing tease!

Authentic Steel Boned Plus Size Underbust Corsets

Plus Size Underbust Corsets

Authentic Steel Boned Plus Size Waist Training Corsets

Plus Size Waist Training Corsets

Authentic Steel Boned Plus Size Overbust Corsets

Plus Size Overbust Corsets