No vixen can leave home without two things: her moxie and her purse! Whether you need just a little cute coin purse for lipstick and keys or a carryall for your dancing shoes—we’ll have you out the door in style.


Splendid Steampunk Purses and Bags

Create a stunning outfit: sexy corset, lace skirt, knee-high laced boots, parasol and matching Steampunk purse, all from The Violet Vixen. You’ll be ready for Victorian-era shenanigans, with an amazing fashion flair. Throw your spectacles and your lip tube in a new fabulous Steampunk bag, and you’ll be ready for adventure!

Steampunk detailing, adjustable straps and pockets make many of these purses and bags just right for your mini-toolkit. Rock on Miss Tinkerer!

Smaller purses and wallets are great for a gal on the chase, who wants to keep a sleek look without sacrificing style—or her portable signaling device (aka cell phone).

Eye-Catching Purse Styles

Sometimes a girl just needs to put on a short skirt and some tall heels and rock her Pin-Up girl vibe! These adorable purses come in a variety of styles and colors: red and black stripes, black, pink, turquoise, raspberry pink, green polka dot and pretty prints (many have matching patterns with our sexy corsets!)

1950s-inspired coin purses and makeup bags—some with bows—are perfect for fun Rockabilly fashion or Pin-Up girl styles.

Awesome Halloween Handbags and Cute Corset Accessories

Don’t ruin an amazing Goth outfit with your everyday purse! Keep your ensemble unified with a festive handbag with skulls, bats or bones. Perfect for a vampire or other ghoulish Halloween costume.

Purses from The Violet Vixen are great corset accessories, and it’s easy to find related products with matching patterns and styles—for a sensational and complete look!