Splendid Renaissance Corsets are perfect for storming the castle, volunteering at the kissing booth or wenching at the tavern!


Ravishing Renaissance Corsets

Enjoy period touches such as buckles, busks and laces to help you cinch up. Sweetheart necklines will frame the twins nicely—all you’ll need is some earbobs and berry-stained lips to complete your Renaissance look.

All our Authentic corsets feature steel boning and sturdy lacing for tight waist-cinching and strong support. The heavy duty materials provide curve-hugging love for your feminine shape. These waist-cinchers will shrink your tummy while giving your bust a boost.

Choose from a variety of bodice colors: black, green, red, silver, blue, purple, brown and gold. Peruse the amazing selection of solid colors or floral embroidery, brocade, faux and real leather, stripes and beads. Consider a corset with a matching detachable pouch, perfect for a handkerchief—for after the turkey leg.

Tempting Tactical Corsets

Vixens can be heroines too! Bring a bit of modern thinking to your next Renaissance fete. No one expects a woman to be the spy, assassin or guard—unless she’s wearing one of these splendid corsets! Danger and daring are not strangers to this leading lady. Daggers, diamonds and dragons always attract a champion such as yourself. And of course, one isn’t necessarily against a Renaissance romance if it should … ahem … pop up. But as a strong tough-as-acrylic-nails kind of gal, you’re wonderful either tempting the rogues or being deliciously independent.

Huzzah for Renaissance Clothing and Costumes

Wear one of our charming underbust corsets over a peasant blouse and pair it with a flouncy skirt—perfect garb for the best-loved kissing wench in the tavern! Although with the bust-boosting power of these corsets, who’s going to be looking at your lips?

Or add some adventure to your frolicking and join a merry band of forest-dwelling philanthropic thieves—you can try to pass as a boy by donning some leather breeches, but these Renaissance corsets will give you hard-to-hide fabulous curves!