Shop by Color

Not sure which kind of style you’d like, but know which colors bring out your eyes? Shop Authentic Corsets by Color and find the perfect bustier. You can see all the styles and designs—in a color you love!


Paint by Color Costumes

Think outside the box. Typical Steampunk costumes tend to be brown or sepia-toned, but what about steampink? Or perhaps a more environmentally friendly green-themed steamer outfit? Show your creativity in constructing your own fabulous outfit.

Who says a Burlesque dancer can’t also be a bit Goth? After all, Burlesque’s origins grew from poking fun at traditional norms. Find your inner comic with sexy flair and sass—and unleash her on the stage—or the world!

Corsets in Every Color

Shop our authentic corsets by color: black, white, red, green, pink, purple, blue, gold, brown and silver. These are not limited to solid colors (awesome bustiers themselves) but also have beautiful brocades and accent materials.

Fabulous embellishments such as bows, ruffles and lace give a fun and flirty twist to bodices. Leather, straps, buckles, chains, studs and metal clasps can help you show your edgier side.

Authentic Corset Construction

Our Authentic corsets are made with quality materials including steel boning to give you nonstop support and heavy duty fabrics to hold their shape—and yours. Durable cording and lacing provide tight-cinching. These cosets are sturdy enough for those wanting waist-training or for plus-sized ladies who want to alter their silhouette. Strong construction gives va va voom curves!

After you find a fabulous corset, don’t forget the shoes! The Violet Vixen has stunning shoes and boots, parasols and other fun corset accessories.