You’ll want to investigate this collection of splendid skirts, perfect for sitting in your solarium, touring the ironworks or carousing at your next con. At The Violet Vixen, we may be known for our exquisite corsets, but our other clothing will inspire your explorer spirit and have you looking like a million bank notes!


Sublime Steampunk Skirts from The Violet Vixen

Up for a bit of skulduggery? These splendid skirts will keep the coppers in the dark about your nefarious ways—who could be involved in an arcane escapade while looking so ravishing in a lovely lace skirt with buckles and flounces? Why a bold vixen like you—dressed to dazzle and delight!

Romp your way to a nobleman’s heart in a sublime Steampunk skirt. Shorter outfits will show off your shapely legs, and a pair of lace-up boots with a longer skirt will elongate your silhouette fabulously—and add some fabulous panache to your outfit!

Coquettish Costumes for Cosplay, Cons, Renaissance Faires and Any-Time Festivities

Flounced and gathered, these versatile skirts will look great with a Victorian-era corset.

This compendium of skirts has many embellishments to please: faux leather accents, button snap pouches, gears, buckle straps, flower designs, metal chain accents, ruffles or frills. Choose a fabric to match your lifestyle: cotton cambric to stay cool, poly satin for a splash of sizzle or brocade for exquisite elegance.

Your costumes are only limited by your creativity—a ruched brown skirt with a snap pouch and a coquettish corset will have loud “Huzzahs” at your next Renaissance Fete—just watch out for those cutpurses! Fisticuffs and bedlam could follow in your wake when wearing one of these eye-catching skirts.

Fun and Flirty Skirts at The Violet Vixen

Fun and flirty, little skirts can be the perfect complement to your style whether you are rockabilly, burlesque or just a picnic-on-a-weekend gal! These adorable numbers with frisky patterns will give a winsome look to a pert outfit. Pleasingly pretty, you don’t need to be coy to be alluring—just share your smile and a twirl in a cute skirt.