The Violet Vixen’s Steampunk Clothing will fit you out right if you have Steampunk gears whirring in your soul. Love the classic romance of a Victorian novel, yet your brain whizzes and whirs like a Swiss timepiece? Then you may be ready for a Steampunk adventure. No matter where, or when, your time travels take you, you’ll be ready to go in some of these steamy pieces.


Journeying to the Center of the Earth?

What sort of Steampunk clothes would you wear on your journey? Wherever your next adventure leads you, you’ll wow even the smartest scientist in the room with your flawless Steampunk fashion. Need a place to stash your pocket watch, sonic screwdriver or maybe just your car, er, motor car keys? Pair a Steampunk purse with your Steampunk skirt and a great pair of Steampunk boots and you’ll outstyle any Morlock or Eloi at the party.

Gods and Monsters

Mary Shelley wrote the quintessential Victorian sci-fi story, and you will be all geared up, and geared out, in your quintessential Steampunk costume. You won’t catch a chill even when the giant disk behind you starts spinning you off into the future when you’re wearing your new Steampunk corset. Its heavyweight fabric will cinch you in and keep you warm, even on a clear, cool, starry night. Find one with a Steampunk sporran and you’ll have a place to stash your license, lipstick and credit cards for a prolonged Steampunk adventure.  And of course, don't forget our amazing Steampunk corsets.

In League with Extraordinary Gentlemen

Your Steampunked out fella will be in good company with you on his arm and a gear-embellished shirt and buckle-laden trooper pants on the rest of him. The two of you will be as big a sensation as if you just traversed the globe in your hot air balloon all the way from a mysterious island. Can’t wait til the next full-blown Steampunk fashion fete to try out a new gear-bedecked piece? Tide yourself over with a starry-swirled or Betelgeuse-bedazzled wrist cuff until your next full-blown fantasy begins with our Victorian clothing.