Leggings, pants or trousers—either way you’ll look ready to rock! Fabulous detailing and exquisite styling will help you complete your studly Steampunk look.

Extraordinary men deserve suitable garb for their adventures and explorations. All guys may put pants on one leg at a time—but make it worthwhile in stunning pants with amazing details and a great fit!


Fun Details on Men’s Trousers and Leggings

Our 100% cotton trousers come with fabulous faux leather accents. Looking for some leggings to show your tough side? How about some pants with metal spikes or antiqued clasps?

Some trousers come with a pouch that attaches to your thigh—how cool is that! What secrets will you be carrying there?

Create an Awesome Costume: Steampunk, Gothic, Renaissance or…?

Match a lovely lady’s corset or just show your remarkable style with these awesome trousers! Pair one of these leggings with an exquisite men’s corset from The Violet Vixen for a rakishly handsome ensemble. These pants also look great with one of our Gothic-inspired shirts or Steampunk-styled waistcoats. Perfect for cosplay or your next convention. Be a formidable man in elegant trousers—dazzle the entire aerostation including the ladies in the bustles while saving the world, yet again!

Brown pants with leather accoutrement can make a great beginning to the perfect outfit for a Renaissance faire. Crowds just might be cheering “Huzzah” when these awesome leggings make an appearance at a jousting tournament or while you’re hauling the roustabouts out of the local watering hole. Not too mention, fitted trousers may cause a bit of a ruckus, especially if you find yourself habitually picking up lace handkerchiefs off the tavern floor—no one’s that clumsy, but they might be interested in your assets!