Waist Coats

Show off your spectacular style in one of our awesome waistcoats for men. Captivate your audience—for the whole world is your stage—with intriguing details in an elegant vest that will accentuate your masculine physique.


What Are Men’s Waistcoats Good For? Absolutely Everything*

*Everything for when you want to look like a dapper gentleman, an influential Victorian inspector or a captain of industry.

Men’s waistcoats are stylish vests usually worn over a shirt and under a coat or jacket—think three piece suit. Of course, you don’t have to follow those conventions!

Powerfully Handsome Waistcoats

These handsome vests come in brocade, striped brocade or pinstriped fabric. Black or brown give an intense hue to these impressive pieces.

No waistcoat is complete without a splash of flair: embroidery, faux leather accents, metal straps and studs, zippered pockets or chains. Three-button vests are perfect for when you want a dashing rogue style.

Create a Phenomenal Costume

Many of these waistcoats are great for constructing an amazing Steampunk costume. These vests could easily be worn over one of our men’s shirts and paired with trousers and a set of goggles—you’ll be ready to decode an aethernet message while swinging from the envelope of an airship in fabulous style!

A Steampunk waistcoat worn underneath a jacket gives a very distinguished look to a gentleman. Or, just wear the vest—skip the shirts and coats—to show off your guns and send notice that you’re not afraid of a bit of fisticuffs to save the honor of a lace-wearing lady.

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