Waist Training

Give yourself the gift of a fabulous figure with one of our Authentic Waist-Training corsets! Wearing one of these sensational garments—while cinching your middle into a curve-loving shape—will you have you feeling like a sexy siren. Sailors beware! These contours will make some waves.


Sexy and Strong Construction of Authentic Waist-Training Corsets

Our Authentic Waist-Training Corsets are constructed from durable heavy-weight materials, for ongoing support. They are the quality level that is required for waist training or for plus-size women who are looking to considerably alter their silhouette once laced. Our Authentic corsets feature sturdy steel boning, strong cord or strong ribbon lacing and durable grommets (unless otherwise noted).

Flat and spiral steel boning gives robust support to your figure. Flat steel boning flattens the tummy while supporting the spine. Spiral steel boning is for bending and flexing with your curves.

These serious waist-trainers can cinch your waist up to an additional six inches! Many of these fabulous tummy reducers come in vertical designs to lengthen your silhouette. Modesty panels in the back (underneath the lacing) demonstrate the high quality of craftsmanship while covering your skin.

Cute and Glamorous Color Choices for Waist-Training Corsets

The more elegant white corset is an excellent option for more classy events. What a great edition to a bridal outfit! You’ll look beautiful strolling down the wedding aisle in a tight-lacing corset. Or if you already have your dress, these head-turning white waist trainers would look fabulous as part of a honeymoon outfit!

Or if you’d like some color to your wardrobe, you can chose one of these eye-catching bustier colors: beautiful black, ruby-red, glamorous green, bodacious blue or sparkling silver brocade.

Day-to-Day Display

These custom underbust corsets work great underneath your normal clothes for daily waist-training. But with these beautiful designs you might want to wear them elsewear! What an inviting addition to a sexy or vampy Halloween costume. (Just remember to loosen the laces before eating from your trick-or-treat bag ;) And festivals and faires always need more fabulously fashioned attendees.

Or for a more casual look, wear a blouse under your corset, slip on some skinny jeans and step into some heels for a night out with the gals.