Look amazing on your special day in a wonderful white bridal corset. Wear a corset underneath or on top of your bridal dress to help achieve an amazing hourglass shape that will leave everyone gasping.


Wow-Them-In-White Bridal Underbust Corsets

Feeling sexy and slim on your wedding day is one of the best gifts you can give yourself! Wear an elegant white bridal underbust to wow your guests—and your forever soulmate. An underbust corset is perfect for cinching your tummy and giving you a glamorous shape. These bustiers provide firm support underneath your bust, but still allow you to wear your favorite bra. Underbust corsets are also less noticeable underneath clothes—if you decide to wear it just for its gorgeous curve-creating features and not necessarily to show off its attractive detailing.

Wonderful White Bridal Overbust Corsets

Feel like a princess in a beautiful overbust bustier. These corsets bring just the right amount of elegance and allure to your wedding wardrobe. Some corsets have clean, sleek lines while others have a bit more embellishments such as halterneck straps, ruffles, lace, bows or beautiful brocade.

Overbust corsets, like all our corsets, give you a smaller middle while accentuating those classic curves—and lifting your cleavage.

Plus-Sized Wedding Corsets

Many of our gorgeous wedding corsets fit natural waists from 22 inches up to 45 inches. Our waist-trainers provide heavy duty support for those interested in waist training or for plus-sized ladies who would like to seriously alter their silhouette. Our corsets come with spiral and flat steel boning for sturdy support from the first walk down the aisle to the last walk of the day to your honeymoon bed.