Crossed Asylum Underbust Corset

$72.00 $102.00
This curvy Underbust Corset is perfect for medium & short torso female who have broader hips and want to accentuate a curvy figure. 
  • Front length: is 11.75 inches.
  • Side length: is 11.5 inches.
  • Back Length: is 11.5 inches.
  • Bone: 12 Spiral steel bones are distributed all around the corset.
  • Bone: 4 Flat steel bones are located at the Back of the corset.
  • Front Open : Antique Gold Metal Busk.
  • Lacing: It has 8 meter long lace which is used to tight lacing the corset.
  • Grommets: in the back 12X 2 = 24 total.
  • Panels: It is made up of 12 panels, 6 in each Side.
  • Modesty panel 6 inches wide. This will hide skin at the back.
  • Fabric Layer-1: Shell 100% Polyester Velvet (Printed and Solid).
  • Fabric Layer-2: lining 100% cotton which is fused for strength.
  • Waist tape: 1 inch wide satin waist tape is used for perfect grip and hold.
  • Suspender loops: 6 suspender loops at the bottom.
  • Bone casing: All bones are placed under cotton twill bone casing.
  • Design Features: Curvy corset pattern for shaping the waist and hip.
  • Simply alternate fabric combination.
  • Metallic gold and pink floral print velvet and rich royal hot pink velvet.
  • Metallic logo buttons and metallic hanging chain.

* Authentic corsets requires 20-25 business days for production before they can be shipped. Once shipped you will receive an email with tracking information. Until your order ships, the order status will say "Awaiting Fulfillment".