Size 20 - Caged Crusher Underbust Red Corset

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Heavily discounted manufacturing sample IN SIZE 20 ONLY! There are no returns on sample, so please determine your size first :) 

    This Caged Crusher Underbust Corset is so sexy I could die. The black mesh is see-through to add that peek-a-boo element and make your honey crazy. It is cinched at the waist with flared hips to give you the extra curvy look. It can be worn for waist training, under your clothes, because it's so breathable and comfortable, or it can be for that special date night when no one leaves the house. 
    • Candy Underbust Corset pattern perfect for medium & short torso female
    • Front length is: 11 inches .
    • Side length is: 9.5 inches .
    • Back Length is: 11 inches .
    • Bone: 14 Flat steel bones are distributed all around the corset.
    • Front opening is : Metal Busk .
    • Lacing: It has 8 meter long lace which is used to tight lacing the corset.
    • Grommets in the back 12 X 2 = 24 total
    • Panels: It consist of 12 Panels 6 each in front and back.
    • Modesty panel 6 inches wide. To get it covered from back too.
    • Fabric Layer-1: Shell Fabric 100 % Poly Brocade .
    • Fabric Layer-2: Fused 100% Cotton Twill for extra comfort.
    • Waist tape: 1 inch wide satin waist tape is used for perfect grip and hold.
    • Suspender loops: 6 suspender loops at inside bottom.
    • Bone casing: Bones are specially placed under Cotton Twill casing

    Our Authentic Steel Boned Corsets are known for their heavy-weight materials, sturdy construction and durable support. They are the quality level that is required for waist training or plus size women who are looking to considerably alter their silhouette once laced. Authentic corsets feature sturdy steel boning, strong cord or strong ribbon lacing and durable grommets unless otherwise noted.

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