Hello Vixens! If you're here reading this, that must mean you have found your dream corset, and have taken some time to season it (break it in!) Join me, and let's cover a basic lacing technique that all regular and new waist trainers can benefit from! If you are here and you haven't found your dream Violet Vixen corset, or gotten it seasoned, I highly suggest checking out our articles on how to pick the perfect corset for you, and how to properly season your corset before wearing it! You can find links to both of those articles here! 

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Seasoning your corset---> http://bit.ly/howtoseasonacorset2

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get lacing! 

First: It is important to make sure to make sure your corset is facing the correct way and not upside down! Yes, even in movies I have seen corsets put on upside down, backwards, inside out, you name it! Once you have your positioning squared away, make sure the eyes (loops) are facing the right side, and the hooks (pins) are facing the left side of your body. 

Second: Most regular trainers will use a corset liner under their corset, like a slip or t-shirt, or any light fabric garment. This will keep any oils, debris and smells from seeping into your corset and keep them pristine! They also protect the skin from any pinching or rubbing from laces or boning that may happen while it’s being worn! 

Once you have your corset facing all the right ways, you want to make sure the laces in the back (most corsets are made with laces in the back, aside from a select few) are spread out and open as you can. This prevents any bending, or strain in the Busk or busque of the corset ( the stiff part in the front with the loops and hooks.) 

A couple tips for putting on your corset- 

  • To make sure your corset is sitting on your waist, while it's fastened and the strings are still loose, don’t be afraid to do a little stretch! This will help it fall more directly onto your waist before you lace up! 
  • Another very important tip most people forget is ACCESSORIES BEFORE CORSET!! Really, pants, socks, skirts, etc! Anything that will require a bend in your waist should be on BEFORE you lace your corset. Unless you have a loving partner or friend who is going to dress you after all is said and done ( if you do- where did you find them? I need one.) I kid! We only remind people of that, because bending will be very difficult once you are totally strapped in. Even the most experienced corset wearers have struggles with this. 

Now that you’ve got your corset on it’s time to start LACING! Remember, take your time with this, and if you haven't been training very long- do not force anything. You want to be comfortable enough to breathe, move, and go about your daily activities to properly train your waist down to your desired size. Let’s face it, that’s pretty hard to do if you can’t breathe! So, take your time! Everyone trains at different rates, and that is 100% okay! Remember not to push it too much, otherwise you can damage your corset and even yourself!


The most basic way to tighten your corset can be done on your own on yourself, or if you need some help a friend is always useful. 

To begin, you want to find your “rabbit ears” or the long strings that hang from the middle of the back of your corset. Once you’ve found those, go ahead and give a nice tug to cinch the middle of your waist first. 

Your next step is to start tightening the top and bottom half to where you feel comfortable. Most seasoned waist trainers suggest you work from top to middle, and bottom to middle then tug your “rabbit ears” again to tighten. 

Your last step, once you’ve tightened to your desired amount, give one more good tug on your ears, tie into a bow (we don’t recommend double knots unless you have a friend helping you out of your corset) and you’re ready to go! 

That’s your basic lace up! Very simple, and easy, and doable for just about anyone! 

To the majority, this is the most efficient way to lace your corset to train your waist. You will see some corsets, or even receive some from some online stores, that a seasoned waist trainer would say are not laced properly. Many suggest not lacing your corset directly from top to bottom ( bottom to top. ) Mainly because you aren’t really training the smallest part of your waist that way, which is the very middle. Some also disagree with this, as tying from top to bottom was an old trick used in the Victorian era that made lacing up yourself much easier. Honestly, it’s all about you and what you’re comfortable with and what your end goal is! 

Now, there is one question most people have once they’ve laced up and it tends to be- “What do I do with the “rabbit ears” once they are tied. You’ll notice that the strings tend to hang quite a bit even after being tied, and can be rather annoying if you get snagged on something. To avoid that you can always tuck your laces/bow into either the lacing of your corset, or the side panels. 

Tucking Your Laces

When you tuck your laces, especially if you’re only using a single knot bow, you don’t want to force them into the lacing/panels too roughly, or it will untie them and you’ll probably have retighten/tie your laces a few times. 

Basic Tuck- If your laces aren’t too long, gently bundle them together in the middle and simply tuck them between the “X’s” starting from the middle down, and up under the bottom of your corset. 


Braided Tuck- For this specific method you may need some extra space, so keep your corset slightly more loose than you normally would. Separate your laces and braid down- this will also shorten the length of your laces as well! Once you have t   he braid, you let it hang if that’s your aesthetic, or you can tuck the braid into the “X’s” starting from middle and working your way down. If you get to the bottom and still have some slack, tuck the remaining lace’s up underneath your corset! 


Tucking Into Side Panels- I’ve seen a lot of burlesque dancers use this one! Basically, when your bow is tied split the laces on either side. Cross them into an “X” and tuck the opposite sides into the side panels of your corset, starting from the middle and working your way down! 

Extra Long Laces- If you have a lot of slack, you can always tuck your laces into the top of your corset. Bundle them neatly, fold upwards pulling softly, and tuck them under the “X’s” starting from the very top to the middle. 

Another fun way to add a different look to your corset that has extra long laces is to pull the bow loops long enough so all your laces are the same length in the back. Once you’ve done this, split the laces to each side and simply tie them around your waistline! This is especially fun if your laces are colored brightly as it can add dimension to your look! 

Once you’re laced and tucked, there's no stopping you! 

To the majority, this is the most efficient way to lace your corset to train your waist. You will see some corset’s, or even receive some from some online stores, that a seasoned waist trainer would say are not laced “properly.” Many suggest not lacing your corset directly from top to bottom (bottom to top). Mainly because you aren’t really training the smallest part of your waist that way, which is the very middle. 

Now that you’ve learned how to choose your corset, how to wear it, and how to lace yourself into it, you are ready to begin your waist training journey! Remember, if you are starting out, don’t expect to be able to wear your corset at it’s tightest right away. Go at whatever pace is comfortable for you and best for you, and make sure to take breaks if you feel like you need one! Listen to your body!

Happy Training My Vixens, 

Trish <3


About the Author: Trish Olszewski

Trish is our designated social networker bringing in and introducing so many creatives and faces to help express and explain our story through the art we make everyday including photoshoots, brand promoting and event promotion.  She’s our fiery, pirate, faerie, specializing in the tantalizing fashion and performance life of burlesque and aerial work. Along with her many other performance talents she’s skilled in the world of mythical and gothic fashion. Her many faces and identities help her create unique and specialized looks for anyone and everyone!