History of Corsets

As long as there have been bodies, there have been body ideals. And as long as there have been body ideals, there have been ways to meet them. From hairstyles to jewelry to face and body paint, humans have historically been eager to take charge of their appearance. Corsets were born out of this instinct.

Corset Beginners Guide

       Hello gorgeous! If you’re here, that means you are ready to get serious about wearing corsets and maybe even waist training! Here is where you will find links to all of our most helpful posts from the most fundamental waist training basics all the way to most...

How To Pick A Corset Torso Length

  Hello lovely! If you’re here, you must be doing your research to find your perfect corset. (I’m so proud of you!) We’re about to delve into a little discussion over a measurement that tends to get overlooked when shopping for a corset. I know it may seem minor, but...

How To Pick A Corset Fabric

  Hello my lovely vixens, Trish here! I am back with some more information about corsets for you. This time, we are going to dive into the top five popular types of fabrics that are used for corsets, their durability, and why, when and how to wear them! So let's get...

How to Lace Your Corset

  Hello Vixens! If you're here reading this, that must mean you have found your dream corset, and have taken some time to season it (break it in!) Join me, and let's cover a basic lacing technique that all regular and new waist trainers can benefit from! If you are...

Myths about Corsets

  As with many things that are popular and dramatic, corsetry and waist training come with their fair share of myths and tall tales. Corsets have been a staple in fashion for centuries, be it for modesty, shaping, sex appeal, drama or what have you. These myths range everywhere from...

How to Measure for a Corset

  Before you start corseting, you want to be confident that you are using a corset that fits well. Unlike many mass produced corset sites, Violet Vixen offers a new size option for every two inches, rather than every four inches, so that you can find an EXACT fit, but you will need to know your measurements.

Waist Training Basics:  How to Find the Right Corset

One of the most frequently asked questions people have is, “How do I find the right corset if I want to start waist training?” Well, this blog article is going to explain the basics of choosing a corset that fits your needs, wants and fulfills all expectations!

How to Properly Season a Corset

A lot of ensuring that a newly purchased corset fits properly lies in the hands of the wearer. Seasoning your corset allows your corset to warm up and take your shape, but it also allows you to warm up and acclimate to being cinched in.

About Violet Vixen and our staff

Violet Vixen has been around since 2012. The founder, Violet Vixen herself, was a burlesque dancer and blogger. She had trouble finding corsets and costume pieces that were high-quality...