Hello lovely! If you’re here, you must be doing your research to find your perfect corset. (I’m so proud of you!) We’re about to delve into a little discussion over a measurement that tends to get overlooked when shopping for a corset. I know it may seem minor, but torso length can really make or break some corset styles. We’re going to get into the most common torso lengths and how to make something not necessarily meant for your body work for your body. Let’s get to it!


While you *can* wear a corset that is not the proper torso length, we strongly recommend making sure ALL of your measurements are accurate(unless you’re looking at a corset with a cut that will allow you to get away with a longer or shorter torso length). Though not every corset will require this measurement, there are quite a few styles we carry that absolutely do! Measuring for a corset is a bit more in depth than determining your size in traditional clothing, you’ll need more measurements and precision in those measurements. You can find out how to get your personal measurements here.

The first step would be identifying the need/want for the corset- do you want something as a foundational piece to only dramatize the waist, do you want something to help you squeeze into a garment, do you want something that you can wear as an accessory, do you want something to help encourage and enhance your natural shape? Once you identify the call for the corset, you can really get into making sure you have the right corset length in mind, as well as the right corset for your body’s torso length. 

The three most common “styles” of corset lengths are standard, short (commonly known as waspie) and longline. Short or waspie corsets are best suited for anyone with a seated, under bust torso length of 7.5 inches or below, short corsets provide more moderate to extreme curvature (leaning more towards the extreme) since they sit mostly centered and focused on the waist. Standard corsets fit the average seated, under bust torso length which ranges between 8 to 10 inches in length and provide a minimum to moderate waist curvature. Longline corsets are best suited for those with longer torsos of about 10.5 inches, under bust while seated. 

Short or waspie corsets are a great choice for someone with a wider hip measurement since the corset sits mostly on the lower edge of the bust and the waist. As a result the wearer can get away with ordering a standard sized corset and not have to customize specific measurements. Short corsets are also great as they don’t restrict as much real estate on the body, allowing for the wearer to have a greater range of motion- like if they’re waist training at a job that requires additional mobility.

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Standard corsets are a good go to for those who have a smaller gap between their bust-waist-hip measurements. Standard corsets are great starting points for everyone- especially those with more apple shaped torsos or minimal natural curve, as the corset measurements are closer together and can help encourage the beginnings of a more dramatic waist cinch. 

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Longline corsets are obviously best for those with longer torsos. These corsets slim and cinch more length than the other two, which can be great for those with shorter torso lengths who want a more intense hourglass figure or to conceal any insecurities. When it comes to wearing a longline corset with a shorter torso you may find that you have to tweak some measurements on the garment, but we have a custom sizing upgrade for that! 

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It is important to note that anyone of any shape or size could wear any of these styles. Shorter corsets can absolutely be rocked by someone much taller and give an incredible amount of drama to the waist. In doing this, you’ll want to make sure that the bust and hip areas of the corset aren’t so small that they cause bulges or pain. In the same vein, longline corsets can be worn by shorter people who might desire to cover an insecure tummy, though they may find the seated position a little uncomfortable. If you find yourself with a shorter torso and opting for a longer corset you’ll want to look at corsets with a more pointed bottom- as opposed to a rounded or flat bottom- and even flared/gored hips so that you’ll be able to sit comfortably! 

With these things in mind, choose your corset carefully and with your specific measurements and needs in mind! If you find that you are second guessing yourself, you can always reach out to our team! As always, remember to properly season your corset for the most comfortable and safe wear. Be sure to check out our blog on waist training basics for all the tips and tricks to help you pick your dream corset.

Thank you for joining me in this little discussion on corset torso length, I hope I was able to answer any questions that may have brought you here. If you find that you still have some lingering confusion, feel free to email me at service@thevioletvixen.com. I would be more than happy to clear things up, as well as help you pick the piece(s) best suited for your body and your needs!



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