Hello gorgeous! If you’re here, that means you are ready to get serious about wearing corsets and maybe even waist training! Here is where you will find links to all of our most helpful posts from the most fundamental waist training basics all the way to most outlandish myths about corsets!

     To start your journey, you will want to visit our post on how to measure for a corset, where you will learn how to take your measurements for your bust, waist and hips. You’ll learn more about your own personal anatomy and even have the opportunity to take our FREE corset consultation!



     Next, you’ll want to visit the waist training basics and you’ll learn how to find the right corset for you. You’ll learn about steel-boned corsets and waist training corsets vs latex waist cinchers. You’ll also find our sizing chart here and even more information about measurements!

     Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll need to know how to find the right torso length. Just like we all have different bust, waist and hip measurements, we all have different torso measurements. So you’ll want to read up on our blog all about the three most common torso lengths and how to determine which one is the best fit for you and your body. Not only will you learn how to pick the right one for you, you’ll learn how to get away with wearing certain styles that maybe weren’t meant for your body but how to do it safely and comfortably!



            When you have determined all of your sizing needs for your corset, you’re going to need to pick your perfect corset, we have a handy guide of our most popular fabrics to help you decide which corset would be best suited for you and your needs/desires. You’ll be able to decide whether you’re a satin, mesh, cotton, faux leather or brocade babe. And you’ll be able to shop whichever fabric suits your fancy right from the post!

            Once you have your perfect corset picked out and she has finally arrived to you, you’ll need to know how to lace your corset and how to tuck your laces. Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect post on how to lace your corset with ease and how to tuck away your laces so they look super cute and don’t bother you while you wear your new Violet Vixen piece! You’ll learn all about the basic tuck, braided tuck, and all the things you can do with those pesky long laces!



            When you have learned how to properly get laced into your corset, you’ll want to learn how to properly season your corset. The act of seasoning a corset is essentially breaking it in, as you would a new pair of shoes, and getting it to properly fit and mold to your body over time. With this blog, you will learn a couple of different methods and how to do this carefully and efficiently so that you take care of both yourself and your corset.

            Once you have learned all of the corset basics, you’ll have heard some myths about corsets. Whether it be from your own personal research or from friends and family. Hop on over to our blog that covers the most common myths about corsets where we debunk the most popular tall tales and misinformation about corsets and the corset world!

            Well, there you have it! We have now covered the very basics of corsetry! You deserve a gold star for your knowledge! Of course, there is always more knowledge out there and we welcome any questions or concerns you may have at service@thevioletvixen.com.




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by Dayna Dayne Mistress of Pain

I’ve always felt the female figure is the most lovely and intriguing to look at. There’s been a connection of sensuality to the corset and I have yet to own such a beautiful garment. I have done some research and hope to meet my very first piece through Violet Vixen. The simple approach you have created to ensure the fit, fabric, and price will be perfect for me is what has drawn me to your site.